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  1. bringing the industry together one day at a time and helping skaters look out for each other. good stuff man.

    much respect.

  2. this is so tight

  3. [...] his vision of Crossroads and the show’s move to downtown San Diego. On the opening day of CROSSROADS, Thomas takes ASRLive on a walk through the [...]

  4. [...] og har netop lagt et lille klip op med lidt street skating i det kolde vejr. Tjek også et dette interview med Jamie Thomas fra dette års Crossroads Retail Show, der er i fuld gang i denne [...]

  5. [...] with Nate Broussard. Shred or Die covers the Crossroads Best Trick contest. Jamie Thomas gives us a tour of Crossroads. DC has video from the Grind For Life high ollie contest. The third installment of [...]

  6. So good. I don’t know how he keeps it up. Man stays busy.

  7. Hell yeah asr changed it’s all bro crap

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